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You are invited to get involved, follow our work and support what we do. In these times of uncertainty and crisis, we need you more than ever. My Balkans is just at a very beginning of its adventure. Trying to start a cultural organization and initiate our work and activities during these uncertain times is, we feel, a rather bold idea. That's why we need friends, partners and donors - those who will understand what we want to do and why. At the same time we believe that this is when our work and dedication are needed the most. We would like to hear from you - every idea is welcome, valuable.
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- Thank you.

According to the Webster dictionary a FRIEND is a person who entertains for another such sentiments of esteem, respect and affection...a intimate associate...a person who has strong liking for and trust in another person...a person who is not a foe or enemy...a person who helps and thinks similarly. Other words that define a FRIEND and friendship are honesty, loyalty, respectfulness, trustworthiness, someone who shares interests, who is generous, who gives encouragement.

If you share any of the above, My Balkans is inviting you to become a FRIEND, to follow our work, to promote our mission and to help us spread the word about the importance of our engagement. That is all we are asking from a FRIEND

If you would you like your name to appear on My Balkans website under FRIEND
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Last Updated: November 2021.

    In a variety meanings of the word PARTNER we chose the one related to work and business where it defines one person associated with another in some action or endeavor, one or two or more people, business, organizations, etc. that work together or do business together, collaborate on a specific project, program, initiative.

    If you share any of the above, My Balkans is inviting you to become a PARTNER, to collaborate with us, to brainstorm together, to cooperate in promoting the cultural and social mission we are based on, to co-produce excellent artistic ideas, spread the word about the importance of our unity and engagement
    That is all we are asking from a PARTNER.

    We need each other in this time of uncertainty and we share these thoughts:
    'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much' (Hellen Keller)

    'It is in the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed (Charles Darwin).

    'Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success (Henry Ford)

    If you would like to discuss a partnership or a collaboration please email us at

    Thank you.

    Last Updated: May 2022.

    According to the Webster dictionary the word donor means...a person who donates something, especially money to a fund or charity. It is a simple and straightforward explanation. Other words that can define or are synonyms for donor are: benefactor, patron, backer, philanthropist contributor, sponsor, etc.

    Each non-for-profit organizations in the world, large or small, needs donors - since the funding that is provided from the donors helps the life of the organization, its projects, programs and the exection and implementation of its goals. My Balkans Inc is a 501(3)c tax exempt organization, registered in New York City as a charitable corporation. There is no small donation - everything is important and it counts...

    If you would like to become a donor for My Balkans please contact us by email at,
    so that we can discuss your contribution.

    We thank you in advance.

    Last Updated: May 2022.